The Task

To provide a functional space suitable for whole class training sessions

Reading school, a historically strong academic school, was looking to increase their focus on movement and called on Absolute Performance to help provide a functional space for not only their elite athletes but for all students.

Step one involved transforming two squash courts to create a dedicated functional training space for up to 32 students at time.
Step two was to educate these students to ensure that when they were using the facilities or other gyms outside of school, they were safe and using correct techniques.

The Solution

Maximise floor space with a bespoke training rig and multipurpose flooring

Space saving and future proofing are key when converting small spaces like squash courts and were both important requirements for the school. We laid 40mm AP Heavyweight flooring throughout the space to ensure the entire area could withstand the dropping of heavy weights, as well as providing a suitable surface for all functional activities. A branded wooden lifting platform was installed directly into the rubber floor to avoid any trip hazard.

The bespoke, wall-mounted training rig provides multiple functional training stations as well as storage solutions, allowing the majority of the floor space to be kept free for large class training sessions. The benches and soft-plyo boxes were both in school colours and branded with the school crest to add a unique, professional touch.

In addition to providing and installing equipment, Absolute Performance ran a training session for the PE staff, demonstrating different techniques and training methods using the new equipment. The school wanted to make sure students received the best training support and advice to maximise the benefits whilst minimising the risk of injuries.

The Result

Absolute performance worked tirelessly to ensure the project was brought in on time and budget. The workforce were focused and adhered to Health and Safety Legislation. Their work ethic was positive and they were always willing to go above and beyond.

The final product speaks for itself, the staff and students are amazed at the transformation, not just the space but also the positive impact it will have on teaching and learning within the Sports Department, extracurricular actives and staff physical well-being.
Amanda Snow - School Business Manager, Reading School

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